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The quality of toponymy data has come increasingly under the microscope in recent years.

These augmentations infiltrating the sector now require extremely accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive data, most crucially in respect of, for example, deliveries, automatic driving projects, emergency services and applications inherent in civil protection.

Studiosit has achieved and unified the country in terms of toponymy, reaching - in person - 100 percent of Italian buildings and assigning them all their house numbers, supporting municipalities in assigning those that for one reason or another had not been yet.

Toponymy and civics number, Italy is up to date. But how did we do it?

January 2024

and house numbers



mainly with exclusive property right (only 10% of normalized opendata)


almost complete in-field survey;


average accuracy: 2-5 meters (less then 2 meters in Rome and Milan)


constantly being updated

(CC) Creative Commons Public Reference Entities.

Part of the data used by StudioSit SA was acquired under a Creative Commons (CC) license. Creative Commons licenses give the right to use civics (contained in databases) owned by third parties who graciously grant permission to use them. We would like to thank all the entities that have given us their contributions. StudioSit SA uses the data in the following two ways ➤

1. Edited By © StudioSit SA

Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise, Concor delivers world class infrastructure solutions to customers and stakeholders across a broad range of industry

2. Original (CC) Creative Commons

Material acquired under a Creative Commons (CC) license and released under the terms and conditions of that license.

Entities List:
Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia
Region of Emilia Romagna
Region of Sardinia 1
Municipality of Venice
Municipality of Padua
Municipality of Vicenza
Municipality of Verona
Municipality of Gallarate
Municipality of Busto Arsizio
Municipality of Bologna
Municipality of Modena
Municipality of Parma
Municipality of Reggio Emilia
Municipality of Piacenza
Municipality of Rimini
Municipality of Forlì
Municipality of Cesena
Municipality of Ferrara
Municipality of Ascoli Piceno
Municipality of Pescara
Municipality of Nettuno
Municipality of Bari

1 - within whose territories there are some municipalities that StudioSit SA has acquired in the manner described on this page


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