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3D Buildings of the country

Do you want to fly over Rome, Milan and other Italian beauties? Thanks to the StudioSit SA 3D buildings of the country, you can explore soon all the Italian country. It's quickly, online and in three-dimensional.

3d buildings project is in progress aims to continuously reproduce and renew an algorithm, which would be able to let us achieve strictly homogeneous 3D buildings, in order to obtain same details and accuracy in buildings shape.The main goal is to cover all buildings of the country using mainly a StudioSit SA laser scanner series of flights, from which we’re going to reach our quality target (see next slide table).

In these cases through by refinement empirical tests, has been that of calculating buildings’ height independently form opendata, using other sources’ DTM - DSM delta calculation.

This has been done in order to guarantee a realistic silouhette of buildings all over the territories, e either where morphology is mainly flat or mainly mountainous.

With this in mind, we can conclude that many features of open geotopographic data need special management and editing activities when the main goal is to homogenize building shape, absolute and relative measurements, and proportions. Our surveys, on the other hand, present a qualitative digital structure that will help you in achieving your goals.

Stay tuned for the reveal