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Speed limits support management (Sityround)

StudioSit SA's expeditious surveys can provide a considerable amount of geo-referenced data, such as road signs and speed limits. The processing of the data, combining artificial intelligence and neural networks, allows for comprehensive and visible updates via video footage on the state of road signs in a short timeframe.

The importance of traffic sign monitoring allows for better traffic management, both in terms of safety and maintenance, responding to European regulations (ISA) that from July 2024 will become stringent on assisted navigation and distraction prevention. For this reason, Italian local governments will have to prepare themselves in time to respond to the demand for a timely and orderly survey of road signs, car by car, in order to prevent infractions and build a certified road register

mapping them as a way of announcing their presence and perhaps even helping the circumstances to preserve their current condition locally.​

In the event that urban green areas have to be sacrificed in terms of their overall number, it should (at least in part) be in the name of making life more comfortable for citizens and commuters, i.e. parking lots in developed green areas or parking spaces in strategically chosen locations in order to facilitate pedestrians’ movement around cities.